The Benefits of Digital Radiography

The Benefits of Digital Radiography

digital xrays tulsa OKWhen a patient visits his dentist for a routine check-up, one of the common procedures the dentist may perform is an x-ray. Dental x-rays give the dentist an image of the entire oral space, including the teeth and the jaw. With digital radiography, the dentist uses a computer to store the images, as opposed to traditional film.

Digital dental radiography has several advantages over traditional x-ray film. The process requires less radiation than traditional imaging, but produces the same level of quality in the image – or often times higher quality. Digital radiography also allows the dental technician to skip the harsh chemicals necessary to develop regular x-ray film (along with the costs of those chemicals and the film itself).

Digital radiography allows the dentist to manipulate the image created by the x-ray. He can enlarge it, turn it, and enhance it. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of digital x-rays as opposed to traditional x-rays, which only offer the clinician one view of the oral surface per image. The ability to view the image from different perspectives on a computer screen can aid the dentist in making faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Having an image on a screen and being able to manipulate it also allows for an easier conversation with the patient. The dentist can twist and turn an x-ray taken with digital radiography, pointing out problem areas to the patient and suggesting appropriate treatments.

Digital x-ray files are stored on a computer, as opposed to traditional x-rays, which are stored in a file. This means that the dentist can easily transfer the x-rays electronically to other dentists, the patient’s doctor, or dental surgeons to whom the dentist has referred the patient. The referring doctor will get the image electronically, which is faster and more secure than mailing the files. Digital imaging can also make insurance claim processing move more quickly, since the files can be sent electronically to the claims handler.

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