Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

teeth whitening TulsaIndividuals wishing to undergo a smile makeover have multiple options; but one of the most effective treatments that will provide a “WOW” result is with Zoom teeth whitening. Eliminating stain and lightening your teeth up to eight shades can be the difference you have been seeking.

A consultation with your dentist will verify that you are a good candidate for whitening. Undergoing a teeth cleaning with your hygienist will allow you to move forward without plaque build-up or extrinsic stains leaving you with a “clean slate” to proceed with teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry offers so many options; the consultation with your dentist will reveal what will work best for you. In-office whitening can produce a dramatic effect in one brief dental appointment.

With in-office whitening, your dental provider will barricade the soft oral tissues including the gums to protect them from the powerful whitening gel. Teeth will be coated and a laser will be applied to expedite the whitening process. The entire process is completed in about an hour

With in-office whitening, the final result may not be immediate. Zoom can continue to lighten over the next few weeks improving your smile each day.

There are vast differences from the whitening products you can acquire. With Zoom teeth whitening, you know you are receiving the highest grade whitening product available. Since it is being dispensed by a dental professional, you not only get a powerful whitening tool but a staff of experts who are available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

If you choose a different product at your local store or online, you are gambling with your result. Will the trays fit? Will the whitening work? Who will address my questions concerning any side effects, if any?

Over-the-counter whitening strips, tooth pastes, gels, rinses … all whitening products promise to lighten your teeth. But the actual result is often disappointing.

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