Brighten Your Smile with Laser Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your Smile with Laser Teeth Whitening

Zoom Whitening TulsaThere are many ways to achieve a smile makeover; but one of the most economical and quickest methods to a beautiful new countenance is with Zoom Whitening. Drab, discolored dentition can be enhanced in one brief appointment by up to eight shades.

The process couldn’t be easier … make an appointment with your dentist for teeth cleaning, dental exam, and consultation on how Zoom teeth whitening can improve your appearance. If you are susceptible to sensitivity, you will likely be advised to brush with a tooth paste designed to reduce this problem. During whitening, any sensitivity experienced usually dissipates on treatment completion.

Once topical stains and plaque have been removed, your Zoom teeth specialist can proceed … soft oral tissues are protected from the powerful whitening agents. Teeth receive an application of whitening product and a laser is applied to hasten treatment.

After one brief session of about fifteen minutes, teeth are inspected for anticipated results. For many patients, this first application is all that is needed. For patients with more stubborn stains or discoloration, a second application may be warranted. It can be completed in the same sitting. It is important to note that Zoom can continue to lighten teeth for up to two weeks following treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry often requires weeks or longer to complete depending on the program selected. With Zoom Whitening, the patient can achieve a smile makeover in one brief appointment with a much smaller investment. If additional cosmetic dentistry is anticipated, teeth whitening is always completed first so additional enhancements will be made to match newly whitened dentition.

Now that you have achieved a brighter smile there are steps you can take to protect it. There are many foods and beverages known to stain dental enamel … coffee, tea, cola, and red wine are the primary liquid culprits. Tomato based sauces, foods that contain colorful dyes, many members of the berry family, and sauces that contain dark pigments like soy or balsamic vinegar are just a few that can stain teeth.

Drink cold beverages that can stain teeth through a straw … this allows much of the beverage to bypass teeth. Never swish a beverage other than water. If you know you are going to eat or drink something that might stain dental enamel, rinse or brush following consumption as soon as practical.

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