Dental Implants Offer A Long-Term, Permanent Solution

Dental Implants Offer A Long-Term, Permanent Solution

Dental implants have been around for a very long time. The Mayans used crude materials like stone, but thankfully today we have access to more modern materials and methods to replace teeth that have been lost.

In the 1950’s a doctor in Denmark was doing research and discovered that the metal, titanium, possessed the unique property that allowed bone to build around it and fuse to the implant. Further experimentation led to the development of dental implants.

This small titanium device is surgically embedded in gum tissue where tooth loss has been sustained. Patients experiencing tooth loss due to gum disease will undergo testing to verify there is sufficient bone for a successful procedure … bone can be built up if needed before placing the implant.

Once the implant is placed, the area is covered to protect it during the healing process. This can take four to six months, and during this time it is imperative the patient keep the area clean to prevent infection (a leader in implant failure).

Smoking and tobacco use are highly discouraged as well as they can also contribute to implant failure.

The implant itself will become a permanent part of the dental anatomy. At the uncovering, the procedure will continue by placing a restoration over the implant. [pullquote]The implant itself will become a permanent part of the dental anatomy.[/pullquote]

The restoration can be in the form of a crown to replace one tooth or an implant supported bridge for a permanent replacement for the loss of more than one tooth.

The dentist will have fabricated the final restoration to match the neighboring teeth in size, contour, and color so the implant will be virtually impossible to detect.

At this time, the implant process is completed. And the advantages of restoring one or more lost teeth are just beginning. Now you can eat all the foods you love without restriction. Speaking clearly and without fear of a slipping dental appliance gives you confidence as well as the smile you will proudly display.

Caring for your implant is as easy as caring for your biological teeth. Brush and floss daily following the instructions provided by your dentist. Keep your dental appointments every six months to ensure your implant stays healthy and to keep the remainder of your natural teeth looking their best.

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