Dr. Massaro Discusses Lumineers on Good Day Tulsa

Dr. Massaro Discusses Lumineers on Good Day Tulsa

Dr. Massaro On Good Day Tulsa - Lumineers

D.C.: Welcome back in to Good Day Tulsa. All right everybody, let’s face it. We are always a little nervous when we have to go to the dentist. Maybe there’s something about your teeth or your smile you don’t like, but you’re afraid of the pain or the time that it takes to fix it. We have got some help for you, a great product called Lumineers and a great dentist by the name of Dr. Massaro and he is in this morning. Dr. Massaro, it is great to have you in.

Dr. Massaro: Thank you, thank you.

D.C.: Let’s talk about these Lumineers. What can they do for us?

Dr. Massaro: Lumineers are really one of the most exciting things come along dentistry in the last 20 years or so. They can drastically change your smile just in a matter of a few appointments. It’s a very thin porcelain shell that is bonded to the natural tooth. It can virtually just make your smile amazing.

D.C.: Pretty painless, you’re saying, no shots required?

Dr. Massaro: Very painless. This product is placed naturally over the tooth structure. Usually, we don’t have to numb for the process. It’s just a very easy process to go through.

D.C.: Let’s talk about some of the types of things that might help. What about crowded teeth or spacing in our teeth. Can it work on these?

Dr. Massaro: It can. Usually, mild to moderate crowding can be corrected with Lumineers. There are other products out there that we can use for somebody with a little  more severe crowding. Spacing is definitely something that can be corrected very easily with Lumineers.

D.C.: That is great news for people. How long will this last?

Dr. Massaro: They’re very durable restoration. Once they’re bonded to the tooth, they have studies out now that show at 20 years, these Lumineers are still holding up well, so the success on this is very high.

D.C.: Very high. Is there a certain age a patient that should use them or know …

Dr. Massaro: There’s a wide range of ages we can use these on, anywhere from maybe 18 or 19 years of age, that would be a child maybe or a young adult that had malformed that needed correction other than just braces, all the way up to age 70 or 75. We place them up to age 75.

D.C.: Quite the gamut across the board there. What about care, what do we need to know about taking care of them?

Dr. Massaro: There really aren’t any special instructions for maintaining these because each one is placed individually over a tooth. They can be brushed, they can be flossed and just really, your regular six-month checkup and then the routine maintenance you would do on all of your other teeth, that’s all that’s required.

D.C.: That is so nice, because everyone is so busy, who has time to do another whole category of trying to take care of something. Once you get this done, then we can really go into whitening our teeth. You have a wonderful product for that called “Zoom!” and you were telling me that really is fast.

Dr. Massaro: We do. It’s a very exciting product as well. Within about an hour, we can change people’s smiles from dull to bright.

D.C.: An hour, that is amazing. I can run in on lunch hour, come back to work and everybody says, “Why do you look younger?”

Dr. Massaro: We can just about do that, yes.

D.C.: Using the shade difference is pretty big too, right?

Dr. Massaro: It is, anywhere from four to six shades on a shade guide which is pretty significant. It will be a very noticeable difference.

D.C.: You’ve been in business quite a few years now.

Dr. Massaro: About 20 years now, yes.

D.C.: You’re accepting new patients.

Dr. Massaro: Yes, I am.

D.C.: That’s the best news of all. Well, it’s great to have you in.

Dr. Massaro: Thank you.

D.C.: Thank you.

Dr. Massaro: It’s nice to be here.

D.C.: We’re going to be giving you more information on Dr. Massaro and how you can contact him. Go ahead and take care of any of these problems you might have with your teeth, also get them whitened.