Dr. Massaro Discusses Zoom! On Good Day Tulsa

Dr. Massaro Discusses Zoom! On Good Day Tulsa

Dr. Massaro On Good Day Tulsa - Zoom!

D.C.: Welcome back in to Good Day Tulsa. You know the importance of a great smile. We all know that it makes a huge difference. You can get a great smile that doesn’t take a lot of effort and you’re going to look so different. We’ve got the perfect person to help us with that this morning, Dr. Dr. Massaro Massaro. He is in and it is so nice to have you here.

Dr. Massaro: Thank you, D.C., Nice to be here.

D.C.: Now, you’ve been doing this awhile, how many years?

Dr. Massaro: About 20 years now.

D.C.: Here’s the best part about this. Everybody’s scared of dentist work, but if you go to a dentist though, that you know is experienced like you, it makes it better. You’re starting to bring or allow new patients in, aren’t you?

Dr. Massaro: I am. We’ve been practicing in the same location for approximately 20 years now and are accepting new patients at this time.

D.C.: That is good news for everybody. There is one product in particular that I want to talk to you about today that you were telling me about, “Zoom!” Tell us what that is.

Dr. Massaro: “Zoom!” is a whitening process that is done in a dental office by a professional. It’s really a neat process in that you can come in and about an hour, you can leave with a great , new smile.

D.C.: That is incredible to think that you can go in somewhere and in an hour come out and really see a change where people would comment, wouldn’t they?

Dr. Massaro: Yes, yes.

D.C.: How long would this process, as far as once you get it done, how long does it last?

Dr. Massaro: It’s really a pretty stable process. It involves putting a gel on the teeth and activating that gel with a special patented light. The stains are actually lifted out of the teeth. These are stains that have been in the teeth for many years. They have accumulated with the coffee and the tea that we drink, cigarette smoking would cause a lot of staining of the teeth.

Once we’ve removed those, it is a very stable end result.

D.C.: So it will stick around.

Dr. Massaro: It will re-stain with coffee and tea and cigarette use, but there are ways we can keep the smile looking bright and white.

D.C.: Is this an uncomfortable process or is this a pretty pain-free deal?

Dr. Massaro: It’s really very pain free. There is a desensitizing product we’ll use prior to the whitening treatment and it really makes it very painless.

You know, in the past, I think that was one of the issues with whitening, was that it was somewhat painful to go through that process. With the new “Zoom!” product and with the desensitizers that we use, it’s really a pretty painless process. You just relax and in about an hour, we’re done.

D.C.: That’s incredible. I would think that it really shows results, does it? Do people really notice immediately?

Dr. Massaro: Yes, the results are amazing. We may go from… we may move actually four or five or six shades on the shade guide. Normally, we’ll show a person where we start and then, when we’re done with the process, show them where they end up. It is amazing, the results we get with this product.

D.C.: What about sensitivity? Does it cause any issues at all with your teeth?

Dr. Massaro: The sensitivity is really not so much of an issue now. Again, with the desensitizers that we use that’s very helpful. What most people experience is maybe some mild sensitivity during the process and then maybe for a few hours afterwards and then really, there is no sensitivity beyond that for most people.

D.C.: This is great, an hour, we look better, this is so nice.

Dr. Massaro: It’s a very exciting product.

D.C.: That’s great. Lumineers is also a great product you were telling me about, veneer.

Dr. Massaro: Lumineers, that’s one of the most exciting things to come into dentistry in the last several years. You know, with Lumineers, there is no preparation with the teeth, there is no numbing process and you can have just an unbelievably beautiful smile when we’re done. It usually takes just a couple of visits.

D.C.: Well, Dr. Massaro, thank you so much for coming in. Great information for everybody to have.

Dr. Massaro: Thank you, thank you for having me.

D.C.: We’re going to give you some more information on how you contact him and get all this great stuff and get a great white smile.