What Causes Dulling and Discoloration of Teeth?

What Causes Dulling and Discoloration of Teeth?

For many people, our smiles are the first thing that others generally notice. When our smile is less than perfect, often through the dull, drab appearance of our teeth, it can understandably lead to us being uncomfortable in showing our smile off. In many cases, teeth whitening treatment can help reduce the effects of staining, aiding in the restoration of an attractive smile.

There are several reasons why our teeth can appear dull and discolored; the foods we eat and the drinks we consume, our lifestyle, age and previous dental reconstruction, as well as side effects of certain medications can all affect the coloration of how our teeth appear. Dark drinks such as coffee, tea, cola and red wine can all leave behind residual staining on the surface of our teeth. Foods such as fruits with strong pigmentation can also affect the natural brilliance of our teeth.

In addition, lifestyle habits such as smoking nicotine and even having a poor dental hygiene program can lead to teeth becoming dull, discolored and unattractive. [pullquote]Whatever the cause of tooth staining, there are treatments available that can restore your smile back to its natural brilliance.[/pullquote]

As the causes of tooth staining are numerous, so too are the methods of teeth whitening that are available. For slight staining, a do-it-yourself home kit or even a specially formulated whitening toothpaste might be all that’s required. Be aware, however, that there are limitations to these methods – not least the duration required in order for visible results to become apparent.

Do-it-yourself kits might have a formulation of bleaching agent that is too weak, or too strong, for your needs; while the universal one-size-fits-all applicator may not yield a comfortable fit, leading to a less-than-perfect result, and even irritation of gum tissue.

Treatment via a cosmetic dentist can often provide better treatment results than is possible through self-treatment. The dentist gets a good idea of the level of staining to be treated, and can recommend the ideal treatment to return the best outcome. Add in a custom-fit applicator that is designed to provide maximum comfort to the wearer, and the end-effects of treatment can far surpass those of home treatments.

For those people who want perfection in a hurry, Zoom! Teeth whitening is perhaps the ultimate in treatments. Using a special light-activating bleaching gel, a dentist can quickly and effortless deliver a bright smile in just a short time, returning teeth to their natural brilliance. Zoom! Teeth whitening is often referred to as same-day smiles, due to the fast nature of the treatment.

Whatever the cause of tooth staining, there are treatments available that can restore your smile back to its natural brilliance. Contact our experienced and dedicated team today for more information.