Enjoy the Foods You Want With Dental Implants

Enjoy the Foods You Want With Dental Implants

dental implants TulsaDentures are a common and popular method of tooth replacement, but despite their popularity they have one major drawback – wearers must be careful what they eat!

Sticky foods and hard foods present a real challenge to denture wearers as sticky foods can result in dentures falling out at inopportune moments, while hard foods can damage or break the denture itself. Dental implants have, as a result of this major drawback, grown in popularity as people seek permanent solutions to teeth replacement that allows them to enjoy the foods they want, without fear of embarrassment or the potential for damage.

Providing a patient has sufficient jawbone mass available, an implant dentist places a small rod made of titanium into the patient’s gum tissue; over time the rod fuses with the jawbone to provide a sturdy, strong support for the tooth. The rod is topped with a porcelain crown to complete the dental implant treatment and restore the patient’s smile, while also affording the luxury of not altering the patient’s menu in any way!

Due to the support given by the bond between the titanium rod and bone, patients are free to eat whatever they like, as the implant does not compromise on a patient’s bite strength, while it is also a permanent fixture in the mouth, with no chance of becoming loose and falling out due to hard or sticky foods.

Dental implants also offer strength and support to its surrounding teeth, helping to preserve the full function of the patient’s bite. This means activities such as chewing and biting can be done in extreme confidence, as teeth are prevented from shifting during these activities and so the patient’s biting alignment as well as bite strength are maintained.

Denture wearers might avoid such foods as raw fruit and vegetables or tough meat that would require chewing. Foods containing seeds, such as sesame buns would also present a worry for denture wearers, as would sticky treats. However, with implants in place, none of these foods should be feared.

Add in the fact dental implants can be cared for in the same way as natural, healthy teeth with a good dental hygiene regime, and require no fixatives or adhesives, then the case for implants as a tooth replacement treatment is a strong one – much like the implant themselves.

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