Look and Feel Younger with Rejuvenating Dental Treatments

Look and Feel Younger with Rejuvenating Dental Treatments

cosmetic dentistry TulsaLooking your best makes you feel wonderful. Stained, chipped, or missing teeth can produce feelings of intimidation or embarrassment every time you smile, laugh, or speak. But you don’t have to suffer with cosmetic dental problems … a consultation with our dentist can reveal the many options available to enhance your appearance.

Dental stain can occur naturally through the aging process as dental enamel thins allowing the natural dentin to show through. Additionally, lifestyle habits like tobacco use; medications required to maintain health; foods and beverages consumed; or illness … one or more of these conditions can wreak havoc on your smile. But you can rejuvenate your appearance with one of the many options readily available through cosmetic dentistry.

Zoom! teeth whitening can provide a smile makeover in one brief dental appointment lightening your teeth color up to eight shades. Your dentist will perform an exam to make sure you are a qualified candidate for this procedure; if so, this process can be completed in about an hour. For patients who wish to whiten at home, customized teeth whitening trays and the supplies needed are available through your dentist.

When teeth whitening is not your solution, there are tooth-colored restorations that can be used to blend away tooth stain; repair a chipped tooth; or replace silver fillings with a tooth colored composite resin that make tooth repair virtually disappear.

A permanent solution to correct chipped, stained, misshapen teeth, or to close unwanted gaps is available through porcelain veneers. You can repair one or multiple teeth using this approach. Your dentist will fabricate wafer thin tooth colored shells that will match the shape, shade, and size of surrounding teeth. The veneers will be cemented to the front of teeth providing a strong, stain resistant solution for many dental problems.

Dental implants can be the answer when one or more teeth have been lost due to trauma or disease. Small titanium posts are embedded in gum tissue which will encourage bone growth to support the restoration that will be permanently affixed when healed.

Being able to eat the foods you love, smile without embarrassment, and speak with clarity are the things that will make you look and feel younger thanks to the treatments available with cosmetic dentistry. Contact the office of Dr. Mark E. Massaro at 918-779-3399 to schedule your consultation.