How can I maintain my smile as I age?

How can I maintain my smile as I age?

cosmetic dentistry TulsaKeeping your biological teeth for life is certainly an achievable goal. Unless a traumatic event results in tooth loss, the way you care for your oral and overall health can help you reach that goal. And cosmetic dentistry has many tools that will help keep your teeth looking their best as you age.

We all know we should brush and floss daily; going to the dentist every six months is just as important at age 60 as it is at 15. While concerns about decay change as we age, other potential problems can become more prominent.

Teeth discoloration – Over time teeth can darken due to illness, medications, or simply aging. Your dentist will advise if teeth whitening will work for you to brighten your smile. If whitening is not a viable option, there are other cosmetic treatments to provide a smile makeover.

Silver fillings – For many decades, the primary solution to repair a cavity was with dental amalgam. This substance starts out silver, but over time darkens. Your dentist has a simple solution … silver fillings can be replaced with a tooth colored restoration known as composite resin. This repair becomes virtually invisible providing a cosmetic solution for old amalgam fillings.

Chipped, misshapen teeth or unwanted gaps between teeth – Your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain veneers as a solution. Veneers are very thin shells that are made to match the shape, shade, and size of your natural teeth. A small amount of enamel is removed and the veneers are cemented to the front of teeth requiring repair. In addition to enhancing your appearance, teeth are actually strengthened by these stain resistant shells.

Broken teeth – A cracked or broken tooth does not necessarily need to be extracted. A dental crown is a wonderful option that allows your dentist to save your tooth.

Lost teeth – Trauma or needed extractions can result in spaces that impact your smile, the way you speak, and the foods you are able to eat. Dental implants allow your dentist to place titanium posts in gum tissue where teeth have been lost. During the healing period, jaw bones and implants will fuse providing a strong base for the restoration your dentist will eventually be able to place.

Cosmetic dentistry offers multiple solutions to help you maintain your ability to eat, speak, and smile gracefully as you age. To learn more about your options, contact the office of Dr. Mark E. Massaro at 918-779-3399.