Missing One or More Teeth? 3 Effects Missing Teeth Have on your Overall Dental Health

Missing One or More Teeth? 3 Effects Missing Teeth Have on your Overall Dental Health

dental implants TulsaIf you have recently lost one or more teeth, you may think the investment in dental implants is not necessary. However, tooth loss affects your overall dental health in many surprising ways. Thankfully, restoring your smile with dental implants, bridges, or dentures is possible. Using this guide, you will understand the importance of restoring your smile.

Misaligned Smile

Your teeth work to support your entire smile, but the support system can fail with the loss of one or more teeth. Without replacing the lost tooth, neighboring teeth can move in towards the empty space, resulting in a misaligned, crooked smile. Unfortunately, this may require involved orthodontic treatment to correct.

Damage to Natural Teeth

Having a complete set of teeth is also important for eating, but the force you use while chewing will not change after losing one or more teeth. Your specific force while chewing and biting down may be too strong for a smile with fewer teeth.

Over time, this excessive force will erode your dental enamel, increasing your risk of decay, cavities, infections, and broken or chipped teeth.

Loss of Bone

After losing one or more teeth, the gum tissue and bone supporting the teeth can decrease, as well. Known as resorption, this natural side effect of tooth loss begins quickly and increases with time. Without replacing your lost teeth, the height and width of your jawbone will significantly change.

This bone loss not only affects the overall look of your smile, but it can create difficulty speaking and chewing. In many instances of resorption, surgical procedures are necessary to correct the change in your jawbone.

If you are currently dealing with one or more missing teeth, contact the office of Dr. Mark E. Massaro at 918-779-3399 to learn more about your tooth replacement options. After a detailed exam and consultation for restoring your smile, you can prevent further dental damage.