Solutions for a Great Smile Today

Solutions for a Great Smile Today

Our smile is often one of the first things other people notice, and if we’re not smiling, we could be giving the wrong impression of ourselves to others. One of the most common complaints people have about their smile is that their teeth look discolored and dull, often as a result of dark drinks or strong foods. Teeth whitening can help to restore the natural brilliance of a person’s smile, and is available in several types of treatment.

For light stains, tooth whitening toothpastes and tooth whitening strips are available to help restore natural tooth color. Tooth whitening toothpastes contain an abrasive element, which used over a prolonged period of time can scrub away the stains. Tooth whitening strips work by absorbing staining elements.

Both solutions, however, require time and patience, and results are often slow to materialize. Causes of staining, such as coffee, may require to be avoided throughout the treatment.

More serious levels of staining can be treated with tooth whitening kits. These are available over the counter at most drugs stores, or from a dentist. Over-the-counter kits can yield mixed results, however, as the supplied tooth applicator trays may not give the best fit for the patient’s teeth, leading to a patchy finish. The supplied bleaching solutions may be too weak, or too strong, to give the desired results either, and could cause irritation.

A dentist on the other hand can fashion a customized tooth applicator tray that ensures perfect contact, and can mix to the desired strength the bleaching solution required. Combined, these steps helps to deliver better results, and in less time than toothpastes or over the counter kits.

For the best results in the shortest time, Zoom! Chairside Whitening System delivers the ultimate in tooth whitening. Light-activated gels are placed onto the patient’s teeth, and agitated by a dentist’s laser. The agitation of the gel causes an interaction with the tooth’s stains, and safely and effectively removes the cause of staining.

We should take every opportunity to show off our smile.  If it’s less than perfect due to dull staining, don’t despair; tooth whitening treatment can restore the smile’s natural brilliant color, and a smile to be proud of!

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