Is teeth whitening safe?

Is teeth whitening safe?

teeth whitening TulsaTeeth whitening is one of the most popular and effective ways to achieve a smile makeover. But there are so many products available that promise a bright, new smile … your dentist is the key to finding the safest and most effective product available.

Teeth whitening is very popular with a wide variety of products that you can buy at the grocery store, drugstore, or online … but if you rely on one of these options as your best choice, you may be wasting your hard-earned dollars on something that will produce minimal (if any) whitening enhancement.

Cosmetic dentistry has many ways to improve your appearance providing you with a life altering enhancement that you can enjoy indefinitely. And with Zoom whitening you can receive a fast, safe, and economical treatment to provide that makeover.

Teeth whitening can be completed in one easy visit to your dental provider; or for the patient that wishes to whiten at their own speed in the privacy of home, custom fitted trays can be fabricated to provide you with the optimum at home whitening experience.

And if you acquire teeth whitening from your dentist, you have a dental professional available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Since your dentist is licensed to provide you with these products and services, you also have the assurance that you are using a well-tested, safe, and effective teeth whitening program. And by consulting with your dentist first, you will receive a dental exam to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Consideration should be given to things such as previously performed cosmetic dentistry … porcelain does not respond to teeth whitening products so if you have a dental crown in your smile line, veneers, or any type of cosmetic restoration, you can lighten your biological teeth but previously treated teeth will not respond the same.

Teeth whitening without the benefit of a dental consultation could result in suffering from sensitivity due to gum recession or untreated dental caries.

While most teeth whitening products are considered safe, the patient could be wasting time and money with less than satisfactory results … consulting with your dentist prior to embarking on any teeth whitening program is advised for the best outcome. Contact the office of Dr. Mark E. Massaro at 918-779-3399 today to schedule your visit.