Tooth Loss Due to Injury: What is the best tooth replacement solution?

Tooth Loss Due to Injury: What is the best tooth replacement solution?

dental implants TulsaTrauma to a tooth that results in tooth loss can be devastating; there are many solutions available but the treatment that is closest to allowing the patient to resume eating all the foods they love, speak without fear of slippage or teeth movement, and smiling with total self-confidence is with dental implants.

What makes restoring a lost tooth (or multiple teeth) with dental implants so different from other methods of tooth replacement?

Dental implants are fixed. You don’t need to remove them for cleaning or storing overnight.

Dental implants are cemented in place. They won’t move when you bite down meaning you can resume eating all the foods you love.

Dental implants are forever. The implant itself will become a permanent part of your dental anatomy. This means that while the cosmetic enhancement may need to be replaced many years down the road, the implant itself is good for life.

The dental implant process begins with a review of your overall health followed by a thorough dental exam to determine your candidacy for a successful implant procedure. Once qualified, your dentist will begin by surgically placing the small titanium post in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred.

During the healing process, jawbone is fusing to the implant (this process is called osseointegration). Titanium is used most often for its ability to merge with bone and minimal likelihood of rejection.

When healed, the implant is so strongly immersed in gum tissue that it will provide strength and stability to the cosmetic enhancement acting much like the roots of a natural tooth. Your dentist will attach an abutment to the implant; try in the restoration for fit, appearance, and functionality; and finish by cementing the final restoration in place.

The cosmetic finish has been fabricated to match surrounding teeth in size, shape, and shade making your replacement tooth blend so well no one will be able to tell your implanted tooth from biological teeth.

Tooth loss will be restored allowing you to do all the things you enjoyed before … you can eat anything you wish; and speak, smile, or laugh without fear or embarrassment. You will perform the same care (brushing and flossing daily) and visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and exam. Tooth loss can be restored with great results.

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