Tooth Whitening: How Long Will the Results Last?

Tooth Whitening: How Long Will the Results Last?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, will acquire stains on their teeth. Some might have worse stains or more frequent staining than others, based on their personal habits, but discoloration of the teeth is nearly impossible to avoid. Fortunately, teeth whitening at our Tulsa office will keep your teeth looking great. Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent fix, but it can last quite some time if you take care of your teeth.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry. In a single visit to your dentist, you can have your teeth treated and lightened significantly. The visit only takes about an hour and, with proper maintenance, the results of the whitening procedure can last for years.

For most discoloration, an in-office treatment will provide excellent results. With Zoom! teeth whitening, a strong whitening agent is applied to the teeth. It is then activated with a special light and left on for about twenty minutes. In a typical session, the whitening agent is reapplied two or three times for the best possible results. For more stubborn staining, your dentist might recommend a take home treatment. You’ll be given whitening trays and a whitening agent. Place the prescribed whitening agent in the trays and wear the trays according to your dentist’s instructions.

How to Keep Your Teeth Looking White

Teeth whitening is not permanent, but it will keep your teeth looking brighter for a long time. In most cases, after the initial whitening treatment, intermittent maintenance treatments are sufficient to keep your teeth looking their best for years. Of course, your teeth can still be stained even after they are treated, so you’ll want to avoid staining agents such as tobacco, wine, coffee or tea. Follow your dentist’s recommendations to ensure your whitening treatment will last as long as possible.

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