What causes white spots on my teeth?

What causes white spots on my teeth?

dentist TulsaWhite spots on teeth can occur for many reasons … they can result from the lack of certain minerals that affect dental enamel; too much of a good thing (fluoride); or even having a dry mouth … just to name a few. Your dentist can help – if white spots are present, there are treatment options available. Some of the things that contribute to white spots on teeth include:

Poor oral hygiene – Brush with a fluoridated toothpaste twice daily and floss every day.

Dry mouth – If this is a temporary condition due to a brief illness or medications needed like an antihistamine, no worries. However, if dry mouth is chronic, lack of sufficient saliva to neutralize acidic plaque can lead to the formation of those white spots. Your dentist can recommend products to increase saliva flow. Use sugar free gum or sugar free candy to stimulate saliva.

Medications – Antibiotics can impact dental enamel. Certain illnesses (celiac disease) result in the inability to absorb the proper nutrients needed to protect teeth enamel.

Fluorosis – Most city water supplies contain fluoride. If you drink fluoridated water, the need for supplements are not needed. Over fluoridation can result in teeth discoloration.

Genetics – You may inherit traits from your ancestors that affect your teeth. And this is another reason pregnant women should not smoke; tobacco use can impact the teeth your baby are forming in the womb.

Orthodontics – Wearing braces long term can result in tooth discoloration.

If you suffer from spots on teeth, your dentist can present multiple options for treatment including:

Polishing – May help to reduce the appearance of white spots.

Bleaching – Discolored dentition may respond to teeth whitening; seek your dentist’s help as home remedies may impact nothing more than your wallet.

Bonding – Your dentist can use a tooth colored bonding material to blend away stain.

Veneers – If stains persist, veneers are tooth colored shells that can be cemented to the front of teeth that require care. One or multiple teeth can be covered; a small amount of enamel is removed from teeth to be treated so the result will be an even, symmetrical appearance.

Spots or stains are treatable. Going forward you need to make sure you are brushing and flossing daily; visit the dental office of Dr. Mark Massaro every six months for cleaning; and watch your diet. Limit consumption of things that may contribute to dental stain.