Should I whiten my teeth before or after cosmetic dental procedures?

Should I whiten my teeth before or after cosmetic dental procedures?

cosmetic dentistry TulsaOne of the most effective and economical ways to enhance your smile is with teeth whitening. But if your dentist is recommending some type of dental procedure such as a crown or a cosmetic enhancement like veneers, whitening should take place first.

The reason is the material used to make many of these products is porcelain … porcelain is ideal as it is stain resistant, but that also means it will not respond to any whitening products.

Whitening first allows your cosmetic dentist to color match crowns or veneers to your newly whitened shade. If you try to whiten after cosmetic work is completed, only your untreated biological teeth will be affected. This is likely to produce an uneven and unsatisfactory result.

Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the most powerful whitening products on the market today. If you have already experienced some type of porcelain enhancement that appears in your smile line, your dentist will likely offer alternative options.

Teeth stained or discolored detract from your appearance. If cosmetic dentistry is in your future, you can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in one brief appointment with Zoom. You will likely be advised to wait ten days to two weeks before pursuing cosmetic improvements … that is because Zoom! teeth whitening can continue to lighten teeth. For your ideal color match, schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment at least two weeks following whitening.

The ideal sequence of events would be:

Schedule an appointment with the dental hygienist. Plaque build-up and extrinsic stains are removed allowing you to begin whitening with a clean slate. A dental exam will reveal if you qualify for teeth whitening … gum recession or minor breaches in dental enamel could result in sensitivity. This should be discussed with your dental provider before moving forward.

Schedule your whitening appointment; or if you will be using at-home whitening, whitening trays can be fabricated to provide the best result.

Once the whitening process is completed, your cosmetic dentist will fabricate your dental enhancement in size, shape, and color to match your biological teeth. This will result in a remarkable smile makeover.

You can maintain your new look by brushing and flossing daily; and visiting the dentist every six months for cleaning and dental exam.

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